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Teen Mom Mentoring Program

Empower a Teen Mom.

 You can change her life, FOREVER.

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Being a teenage mother is not an easy task; however, with the assistance of this program, young mothers will gain the support they need to become successful individuals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift, empower, and educate teenage mothers.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to instill positive self-respect that will enable teenage moms to be confident and successful.


We offer workshops on education, career development, college planning, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and budgeting. We promote building self-esteem, etiquette, good hygiene and health. This program provides an atmosphere of positivity, love, acceptance, and support.  


Statistics show that 51% of teen moms are less likely to graduate from high school nor find a stable job.

Goals for each mom:
Connect them to a supportive community and adult mentors

Be a healthy, nurturing mother

Fulfill their education and career goals

Be financially independent


To accomplish these goals Mom 2 Mom provides:

Life skills training

Access to parent & child resources
Promotion of healthy parenting
Child safety training

Participation in creative projects
Rewarding completion of goals
Provide positive parenting practices 
Workshops on: relationships, goals, finances, anger, sex education, money management, etc.
Help Supply Baby Needs

Does being a teen parent mean your life is over?

No, it does not. Teenage mothers should not feel that because they became pregnant at a young age that their dreams and goals cannot be accomplished. Instead of belittling them we should be encouraging them to not give up, hold their heads up and learn through this experience.  You can still accomplish all your goals and dreams and know that your worth is more precious than gold. 


Need help?

If you are between the ages of 13-21 and are pregnant or a parenting teen, please contact us today to find out what Mom 2 Mom has for you!


Interested teen moms, mentor/volunteers, and  schools can contact Tonya Williams by email: or call 615-208-7381.

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