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The Middle 
Ages 6th-8th Grade

Our Rubies are girls in grades 6th-8th.  This program is designed help build positive sisterhood while helping them develop into all God has designed them to be.  This program helps captivate harmony, contentment, integrity, strength
  and innocence while helping transform them into beautiful, strong determined young ladies that will concur all their fears.

The Ruby membership includes monthly activities for members including:

  • Small group discussions

  • Creative & introspective exercises

  • Physical activities

  • Youth driven community service projects

  • Guest speakers

  • Field-trips

  • Special Events

Group meets twice per month for 2 hours at a centralized location during the calendar year. Program curriculum and activities focus on self-image, leadHERship, health, healthy relationships, and enrichment. This program is designed to empower young girls and build lasting relationships and long-term results. 

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