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A Word from Our Founder


As I look back over my life, growing up was not easy.  I was unclear of my true worth and value, resulting in not so good choices. However, it was through the support, guidance, love and prayers of others, who loved me and supported me unconditionally that I came to realize that I was a woman with purpose.


At the age of 15 my life changed forever, and it was at that time of becoming a teenage mother I realized that my life would never be the same.  It became my passion and desires to help inspire dreams, motivate goals love and care through hurt while empowering young girls to be all God designed them to become.  


Now as an adult, I am committed to helping empower our next generation of young ladies as they move from childhood to womanhood. No matter of the challenges that girls face today, when they have a true understanding of their value and understand their full potential, they can overcome any odds, and be all God created them to be.

My prayer is, that God will continue to use me and the awesome members of our team, to inspire, touch and empower the lives of young girls to always desire to be the best and to know their worth and purpose.


My motto "If I can just help one somebody alone the way then I know my living shall not be in vain"

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