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Meet Our Founder


Spice Girlz was founded by Tonya Brooks Williams in 2014.  Married to Pastor Christopher Williams of New Covenant Baptist Church, Tonya is a native of Nashville and has 4 wonderful children:  Frederick, Brandon, London, and Paris. Mentoring girls has been a long time passion of Tonya’s.  She is the founder/director of InTouch Ministries; Women of Virtue—a ministry designed for pastors’ wives—and she is also the founder of Purpose Ministries, an offspring of InTouch Ministries developed to help women who are seeking a closer relationship with Christ. 


Tonya credits countless conversations with friends as a teen and discussions shared with her now-adult friends for bringing her purpose to light.  Throughout the years she has seen the growing need for positive female role models—women who have overcome obstacles and know their own worth. 


Tonya is grateful to her parents for giving her unconditional love and support, for teaching her to always hold her head up, and for helping her believe she can achieve all God has purposed her life to achieve.  Understanding that the testing of faith is what makes us strong, Tonya’s role models pushed her to strive to live a life pleasing to God.  “My mother is the greatest role model for me. She built her life on caring for others with her meekness and noble characteristics.  She has certainly been my inspiration for starting this program.”  Spice Girls was developed to empower the life of other young girls, as her parents did for her.

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